Universal Shooter Kit: FPS, TPS, TDS


The Universal Shooter Kit is designed for creating shooter games of any complexity, including first-person, third-person, and top-down games. It is easy to interact with and reduces the development time for projects. The kit includes everything needed to create a game, including a universal weapon system, character controller, camera, inventory system, AI, multiplayer, hit zones, mobile compatibility, flexible UI system, creation tools, and more.


  • Universal weapon system
    • Contains various weapons and attack types
    • Melee system with unarmed mode
    • Reloading system, aiming with different scope types
  • Universal character controller with Root Motion movement and animations
  • Universal camera with TP, FP, and TD views that respond to collisions
  • Full body IK
  • Inventory system with weapon wheel and easy UI customization
  • Pick-up and drop system
  • Universal AI with various weapons and attack types, 3 behavior states, and obstacle avoidance
  • Photon multiplayer with full synchronization and 10 modes available
  • Hit Zones for characters and enemies
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Flexible UI system
  • Creation tools for transforming models into game-ready characters or enemies
  • Audio system with customization options
  • Detailed online documentation and video tutorials


This is a paid asset, but now it is available for free download for learning purposes or to test before purchasing. Not for commercial use. Please buy the package to support the developer.


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