Low Poly Animated Animals – Unity Asset Free Download


This is a collection of 57 unique, high-quality, rigged low-poly animals, which includes stunning animations, beautiful demo scenes, and multiple textures and sounds. The animals come with the Wander Script (V.5) feature that allows the user to drag and drop the living animals to the scene. The collection is also well organized, and simple to use.


  • Collection of 57 unique, high-quality, rigged low-poly animals
  • Wander Script (V.5) to drag and drop living animals to the scene
  • Stunning animations
  • Beautiful demo scenes
  • Multiple textures for the animals and environment
  • Mecanim support
  • URP support
  • Simple to use and well-organized
  • Low-poly nature elements
  • Free updates


The animals in this collection include Anteater, Bear, Beaver, Boar, Buffalo, Polar Bear, Cat, Chick, Chimpanzee, Cow, Crocodile, Deer, Golden Retriever, Great Dane, Chihuahua, Dolphin, Dove, Eagle, Elephant, Fish, Fox, Giraffe, Goat, Goose, Gorilla, Hen, Hippo, Horse, Jellyfish, Lion, Octopus, Orca, Ostrich, Panda, Parrot, Penguin, Pig, Rabbit, Reindeer, Rhino, Roaster, Seagull, Seal, Shark, Sheep, Snake, Spider, Squid, Squirrel, Starfish, Tapir, Tiger, Tucan, Vulture, Walrus, and Wolf.


The collection includes a variety of animations for each animal, including idle, walk, run, attack, death, and more.

Useful information:

The low-poly nature of the animals and the illustrated environment textures make this collection ideal for mobile and low-end platforms. The collection is compatible with Mecanim and URP, and free updates are available for all buyers. The simple-to-use and well-organized collection allows users to easily incorporate these animals into their projects. The Wander Script (V.5) feature makes it easy for users to drag and drop living animals into their scene.


Please note that this asset is a paid asset and this free version is only for learning purposes or to test the product before purchasing. If possible, please consider buying the package to support the developer.


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