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Product Description:

The SK_RYU character model is a high-quality asset for game development and animation projects. It features four different levels of detail, including SK_RYU_NUDE_LOD 0, SK_RYU_PERFORMANCE_LOD 0, SK_RYU_CASUAL_LOD 0, and SK_RYU_LINGERIE_LOD 0, with varying levels of detail and complexity.

Technical Details:

  • Built-in, URP, and HDRP included
  • PDF instructions for enabling URP and HDRP included
  • Rigged with Humanoid, with additional bones for eyes, breasts, hair, and clothing
  • Easy animations retarget in Unity/Humanoid rig
  • Tested with 3rd person-standard epic animations, ALSV4, and Female Interaction Animations
  • ARKit Apple Blendshapes are tested with Live Link Face
  • Facial expressions included (Morph Targets, Blendshapes)
  • 4K textures for normal, metallic, roughness, albedo, opacity, and matID
  • 9 Texture sets for body, head, teeth, hair, eyes, lashes, performance, casual, and lingerie
  • Modular design allows for adding or removing parts as needed
  • Includes full body under the clothes, with nude version included
  • Body is censored


  • Four different levels of detail
  • Three outfits: Performance, Casual, and Lingerie
  • Bangs can be removed
  • Default colors for clothes, eyes, and hair included
  • Colors can be changed as desired

Useful Information:

The SK_RYU character model is an excellent choice for game development or animation projects. With its detailed textures, facial expressions, and modular design, it can be customized to fit a wide range of creative needs. The model is easy to animate, and it has been tested with a variety of animation tools and techniques. Whether you need a character for a video game, a film, or a VR experience, SK_RYU is a versatile asset that can help you bring your project to life.



Please note that this asset is a paid asset and this free version is only for learning purposes or to test the product before purchasing. If possible, please consider buying the package to support the developer.


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