Introduction to Gaia 2 – Terrain & Scene Generator-unity asset hub

  • A paid asset, but currently available for free download
  • Please support the developer by purchasing the package
  • Latest version: v2.2.5

Upgrade from Gaia 1

  • Compatible with Unity 2019.3+
  • Click here for upgrade instructions

Welcome to Gaia 2

  • An all-in-one terrain and scene generation system for Unity
  • Creates stunning scenes for mobile, VR, desktop, and console in minutes
  • Offers flexibility of going fully procedural or fully manual, or in-between
  • Saves time and money by automating setup of render pipeline, character, sounds, water, skies, post-fx, and lighting

Gaia Pro

  • An extension to Gaia 2 that adds more stamping and spawning options
  • Over 100 photogrametry-enhanced assets and biomes
  • Massive world support with non-destructive editing and streaming
  • Beautiful skies with time of day and weather with rain and snow
  • Spawnable birds, butterflies, pollen fx, and location-based sound fx
  • Gaia eXtensions system to integrate other assets into your scene

Key Features

  • Wizard-driven simplicity
  • Automated pipeline installation & optimal setup
  • High-performance water system
  • Biome system to use sample assets or make your own
  • Stamping and spawning systems for terrain and scene generation
  • Sessioning system for backing up and sharing sessions
  • Exporting system for baking and exporting lodded terrain meshes and textures
  • Points of interest for spawning farms, villages, cemeteries, etc.
  • Vegetation shaders with snow, location variation, and world space cover
  • Screen-shotting system
  • Controller, sound, lighting, post-fx, and water setup with a click
  • Built-in, URP, and HDRP 7.2+ support

Sample Assets Included

  • Assets from Gaia Pro by Procedural Worlds
  • Skies from Ambient Skies by Procedural Worlds
  • Sounds from Ambient Sounds by Procedural Worlds
  • 3D Low Poly Adventure from Synty Studios
  • 3D Village Exteriors Kit from 3DForge
  • Grasses from Turboscalpeur
  • Textures from NatureManufacture

Feature Comparison

Gaia 2

  • Biomes
  • Multi Tile Support
  • GPU Accelerated Stamping
  • GPU Accelerated Spawning
  • Lighting, Post FX, Sound FX
  • Built In, URP, HDRP Shaders
  • Third Party Extensions
  • Stackable Filtering

Gaia Pro

  • All of Gaia 2 plus:
  • Massive World Creation Support
  • Non-Destructive Massive World Edit Support
  • Massive World Streaming & Culling Support:
  • Additional stamping & erosion operations
  • Additional masking operations
  • Mask exporting system
  • Spawnable VFX system and assets
  • Spawnable Sound FX


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