Final IK – The Ultimate Inverse Kinematics Solution for Unity


Final IK is a comprehensive inverse kinematics solution for Unity that offers a range of features and components to help bring your character animations to life. With regular updates and a focus on user feedback and practical use cases, it’s a great option for game developers looking for a reliable IK solution.

Key Features

  • VRIK
  • Baker
  • Full Body Biped IK
  • Biped IK
  • CCD IK
  • Multi-effector FABRIK
  • Look-At IK
  • Aim IK
  • Arm IK
  • Leg IK
  • Limb IK
  • Rotation Limits
  • Grounder
  • Interaction System
  • CCDIKJ, AimIKJ – Multithreaded solvers based on AnimationJobs
  • 62 demo scenes with example scripts for all components


Final IK is compatible with Humanoid, Generic and Legacy rigs and has been tested on various platforms including Standalone, WebGL, iOS, Android, and all VR platforms including Oculus Quest.


Final IK is optimized for great performance and can be used on desktop, mobile, and VR devices.

Technical Details

  • Full source code included
  • Custom undoable inspectors and scene view handles for each component
  • Warning system to safeguard from null references and invalid setups
  • Modular and easily extendable for custom character rigs
  • HTML documentation, fully commented code and tooltipped components
  • Tested on a wide range of characters


Final IK version 1.9 brings many improvements, including:

  • The addition of the Baker, a powerful tool for baking IK to animation clips
  • LOD levels added to VRIK
  • VRIK tested on the Oculus Quest hardware
  • Updated documentation

Future Plans

The developer plans to continue improving Final IK and its documentation, with a focus on developing the Full Body IK and VR IK parts of the package based on user feedback and practical use cases.

Before You Buy

Make sure to read the online user manual, which includes information on the requirements and limitations of each component.


Please note that this asset is a paid asset and this free version is only for learning purposes or to test the product before purchasing. If possible, please consider buying the package to support the developer.


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