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  • Feel is a paid asset that can be downloaded for free for learning purposes or to test before purchasing.
  • This package is not meant for commercial purposes.
  • Feel is the best way to enhance the feel and make your game extra juicy.

Latest Version

  • Feel v3.9.1
  • Feel v3.8
  • Feel v3.7.1


  • Packed with over 100 feedbacks, it allows you to easily trigger screenshakes, animate transforms, play sounds, cameras, particles, physics, post processing, text, shaders, time, UI and more.
  • From the creator of the popular Corgi Engine and TopDown Engine, it’s the best game feel framework for Unity, whether you’re new to Unity or an experienced developer.
  • Extremely easy to use, MMFeedbacks will change the way you make your games. Just create an empty game object and add the MMFeedbacks class to it, and you can start adding and tweaking individual feedbacks.
  • With over 100 different feedbacks to choose from, it’s now easy to create games that feel good.

Key Features

  • More than 20 demos from minimal scenes to a complete game that show various ways to use Feel to make your game feel good.
  • MMFeedbacks, its core system, an intuitive way to trigger effects.
  • Nice Vibrations, the best haptic solution for Unity.
  • MMTools, a library of helpers and tools for all situations.

List of Feedback Types

  • AUDIO:
    • AudioSource
    • Sound
    • AudioSource Pitch
    • AudioSource Stereo Pan
    • AudioSource Volume
    • Distortion Filter
    • Echo Filter
    • High Pass Filter
    • Low Pass Filter
    • Reverb Filter
    • AudioMixer Snapshot Transition
    • Camera Shake
    • Zoom
    • Flash
    • Fade
    • Field of View
    • Clipping Planes
    • Orthographic Size
    • Cinemachine Transition
    • Cinemachine Impulse
    • Cinemachine Impulse Clear
    • Events
    • LoadScene
    • UnloadScene
    • Animation
    • Destroy
    • Enable Behaviour
    • Instantiate
    • Set Active
    • Set Layer
    • Set Parent
    • Set Tag
    • Spawn Prefab
    • Material Color
    • Material Float
    • Material Property Block
    • Particle System
    • Particle System Play
    • Particle System Stop
    • Add Force
    • Add Force At Position
    • Add Relfected Force
    • Add Torque
    • Add Impulse
    • Add Impulse At Position
    • Post Processing Volume
    • Post Processing Volume Blend
  • SCENE:
    • Skybox
    • Time of Day
    • Lighting
    • Sun
    • Render Settings
    • Shader Property
    • Shader Property Material
    • Shader Property


Please note that this asset is a paid asset and this free version is only for learning purposes or to test the product before purchasing. If possible, please consider buying the package to support the developer.


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