Escape “Horror Game Kit” – Free Download


Escape “Horror Game Kit” is a modular and scripting solution for your game that comes with optimized PBR models, main and in-game menus, async loading screen solution, save and load game solution, and photo camera solution. You can now download it for free.


  • Around 200 low-poly optimized PBR models with baked textures and many textures variations
  • Main menu solution and in-game menu for options and credits
  • Async loading screen solution
  • Save and load game solution that remembers game position, passed events, and taken photos
  • Photo camera solution with zoom and flash for real-time saving PNG files to your PC
  • Big demo scene included with stable 50-60 fps
  • Includes standard assets you need to import, such as FPC and Image effects

Things to note:

  • The package is a modular and scripting solution for your game and requires Unity.
  • The graphic quality is turned to maximum, and you can change it to medium for a slow PC.
  • It is recommended to import FULL ESCAPE ASSET into a new (clean) Unity project first, and then work with it.
  • The package was 25% off when purchased.
  • A present was offered to buyers in March 2017.

Useful Information:

  • The package is suitable for creating horror/adventure games.
  • If you need additional videos of game play, you can contact the developer.
  • The package is a good starting point for creating your horror game.
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Please note that this asset is a paid asset and this free version is only for learning purposes or to test the product before purchasing. If possible, please consider buying the package to support the developer.


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