Dynamic Parkour System – Unity Asset Free Download

Description: Dynamic Parkour System is a collection of pre-developed systems that enable any character to perform parkour and wall climbing actions similar to those in popular games such as Assassin’s Creed and Uncharted. The package comes with its own customizable character controller, making it easy to configure and use. It offers the option to choose from eight pre-built parkour actions.

Features: 1.1 Parkour Actions:

  • Vault Fence
  • Vault Box
  • Vault Down
  • Slide
  • Climb Obstacles
  • Jump to Poles
  • Climb Walls
  • Climb Ledges
  • Jump Ledge to Ledge
  • Drop from Ledges
  • Braced and Hang Climbing

1.2 Features:

  • IK System for realistic movement
  • Vaulting over obstacles
  • Sliding under obstacles
  • Auto Step for seamless transitions
  • Climbing and dropping over obstacles
  • Predicted jumping for smoother gameplay
  • Climbing system for a variety of surfaces
  • Pre-built prefabs for quick and easy implementation

Useful Information:

  • The package is fully customizable and can be easily configured.
  • The Dynamic Parkour System offers a wide range of parkour actions to choose from, providing more variety to game development.
  • The pre-built prefabs allow for quick implementation, saving time and effort.
  • The inclusion of the IK system makes movement and animation more realistic.
  • The Predicted Jumping feature helps create smoother gameplay.


Please note that this asset is a paid asset and this free version is only for learning purposes or to test the product before purchasing. If possible, please consider buying the package to support the developer.


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