Beat ‘Em Up – Game Template 3D

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Beat Em Up – Game Template 3D v1.4 is available for free download.

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A fully playable and customizable “Beat Em Up” game template for Unity, this asset offers a comprehensive solution for creating your own Beat ‘Em Up game. With features including player movement, player combos, player input, enemy AI, a side-scrolling camera, audio manager and health system, this template has everything you need to get started on your game.

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  • Enemy AI
  • Player Movement
  • Player Combat
    • Kick and Punch Combos
    • Jump Kick Attack
    • Run + 2 running attacks
    • Ground Punch and Kick attack
  • Enemy wave system
  • Keyboard, joypad, or touch controls
  • Level Selection screen
  • Character selection screen
  • 2 playable characters (single player)
  • Training level
  • Tools for editing game settings
  • UI Manager
  • Health system
  • Health Pick-up
  • 3 Weapon Pick-ups
  • Destroyable objects
  • Audio System
  • Side-scrolling camera system
  • Character animation setup in Mecanim
    • 29 character animations
    • Humanoid Character Rigs
  • 40 sound effects


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