Ash Vehicle Physics v2.0.1 Unity – Free Download

Ash Vehicle Physics is a paid asset available on the Unity Store and unity asset hub which provides a vehicle physics solution for Unity game engine. It is an easy-to-use and customizable package, suitable for creating arcade racing games. This package is now available for free, but it is intended for learning purposes only or to test the product before purchasing it. Commercial use is prohibited.

Download Link and Compatibility:

  • Ash Vehicle Physics v2.0.1 can be downloaded from the Original Link provided in the Unity Store.
  • It has been tested with Unity version 2020.3.23f1.


  • Ash Vehicle Physics supports one-wheeler and two-wheeler physics for different vehicle types.
  • The package is easy to set up and does not require programming knowledge.
  • It provides fast and stable vehicle physics, suitable for mobile platforms.
  • It is compatible with all Unity versions from 2019 to 2020.
  • The package includes full source code.
  • It uses Unity’s new input system package and cine-machine package, which enables switching platforms and implementing different camera behaviors.

Demo and Showcase:

  • Some 3D models shown in the linked videos may not be included in the asset, as they are for demonstration purposes only.
  • A demo of Ash Vehicle Physics is available on the Original Link.
Unity Asset Hub

Before Importing:

  • To use Ash Vehicle Physics, make sure you have installed cine-machine and input system packages in Unity.

Support and Feedback:

  • For any problems, questions, or suggestions for future updates, the developer offers support through Discord.
  • Users can also see how other people are using Ash Vehicle Physics for their projects.


Please note that this asset is a paid asset and this free version is only for learning purposes or to test the product before purchasing. If possible, please consider buying the package to support the developer.To more know visit: unity asset hub or unity asset store.


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