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This tool is designed for developers who want to iterate on their code quickly without the hassle of waiting for a full domain-reload and script compilation every time they make a small change. The tool automatically compiles only the changed code and immediately hot-reloads it into the current play session, allowing developers to iterate on their work without re-entering play mode over and over again. It works with any code editor and supports Windows, Mac (Intel editor version only), and Linux.


  • Automatic compilation of only the changed code
  • Immediate hot-reload into the current play session
  • Compatible with any code editor
  • One-off custom code executions on Hot-Reload
  • Additional add-on for Live Script Reload to create builds with Hot-Reload functionality
  • Tested on Windows, Mac (Intel editor version only), and Linux


  1. Import the tool
  2. Start the play session
  3. Make changes to the code
  4. See the results immediately

Hot-Reload in Development Build

The tool comes with an add-on, Live Script Reload, that allows developers to create builds (Standalone/Android) with Hot-Reload functionality. This enables quick iteration on deployed Android APK/standalone windows build (exe).

One-Off Custom Code Executions on Hot-Reload

Developers can use the following methods to execute one-off custom code when the hot-reload occurs:

  • void OnScriptHotReload(): Access the instance via ‘this’ and execute any desired code.
  • static void OnScriptHotReloadNoInstance(): Execute code without any instance created. Useful for adding a brand new type or simply executing some code without any instance created, such as reloading the scene or calling a test function.


As a development tool, this tool is not meant for shipping with the app. The app’s performance will not be affected in any meaningful way, except for the additional memory used for re-compiled code, which won’t be visible unless there are hundreds of changes in the same play-session.


Please note that this asset is a paid asset and this free version is only for learning purposes or to test the product before purchasing. If possible, please consider buying the package to support the developer.


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